Why Bio Fuel?

To serve and save the nation and next Generation. To from Green Socity,and conserve our nature. If we are using cole100% after few years the rain fall will be a question mark

Why Ashok Associate's Bio Fuel?

A huge network and infrastructure both in procurement, processing and quality maintance, delivary at apt time and place.24*7. 10 years of filed work and corporate work experiance ,which promotes AA to have an excellent corporate clients.


We can supply the materials anywhere in Tamil nadu. Prefernual location central Tamil Nadu. Which many cost of transport may be minimized.

How We Order Ashok Bio-Fuels?

Simple, Browes our Ashok Associate’s Website and goto E-Bio Fuel tab here u may book your needs, then our sales Executive will respond You soon.

What Your E-Bio Fuel Booking Time?

We provide Service as 24×7, Whenever you can order and we will support u forever.